Kill, loot, and generally act like a pirate with this great simulator


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If you're into pirates and still get excited when you hear the theme tune from Pirates of the Caribbean, Seafight is the perfect game for you.

Seafight is an ideal combo between a resource management game and sailing simulator, making you feel like you're a real pirate captain from the minute you open the app. You can customize any item, from basic things like your crew or the kind of weapons you want to use, down to the small details that make this game so unique, like the sails best suited to your gaming style or the pet you want to take along on your adventures.

The most interesting thing about this game is that it's actually an MMO, so you can play it with friends or meet new people to carry on alongside in the interesting campaign. Join a clan to ally against other players – though if you prefer to play solo that's fine, too, as clans get no special treatment.

Think you can become the world's best pirate? You'll never know if you don't check out Seafight. Hardy har har.